Hey there, CINCOfit community! It’s Joshua May, diving deeper into our journey with Atomic Habits by James Clear. This week, we’re tackling a common challenge in the habit-building process: maintaining motivation over time. Even with a solid start, it’s normal to hit a slump. Let’s explore two powerful strategies to keep you on track.

Navigating the Motivation Plateau

As we progress, it’s crucial to remember that habits don’t grow linearly but rather compound over time. This often leads to what’s termed the “plateau of latent potential,” where efforts seem unrewarded in the short term, testing our resolve.

Strategy 1: Temptation Bundling

This technique involves pairing something you need to do with something you love to do, making the task more appealing. It’s about creating a win-win scenario where chores or challenging tasks become the gateway to enjoying your favorite activities.

  • Make Laundry Enjoyable: Only watch your favorite show while tackling that pile of clothes.
  • Combine Fitness and Friendship: Plan workout sessions with a friend, turning exercise into social time.
  • Learn While Cooking: Listen to audiobooks or podcasts on topics you love as you prep meals.

Strategy 2: Commitment Devices

A commitment device locks in future behavior, making it easier to stick to your plans. It’s about making it harder to skip a habit than to follow through with it.

  • Avoid Digital Distractions: Use apps to block distracting websites or delete them from your phone.
  • Schedule Future Appointments: Book your next dental or doctor’s visit before leaving the office.
  • Ensure Home Cleanliness: Host regular gatherings to motivate tidying up.

By leveraging temptation bundling and commitment devices, you can bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, turning your desired behaviors into automatic habits.

Feeling stuck or need a motivational boost?

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