Hey there, CINCOfit community! Joshua May here, bringing you into another week of our transformative journey with Atomic Habits. This week, we’re zeroing in on a crucial component that can make or break your habit-building efforts: the influence of your social environment.

The Power of Our Tribes

Our behaviors are significantly shaped by the groups we’re part of, from the vast expanse of national identities to the intimate settings of our local communities. These tribes not only influence what we consider “normal” but also set the stage for the habits we adopt.

  • Belonging Drives Behavior: The desire to fit in with our tribes encourages us to mimic the habits around us. Whether it’s adopting a healthier lifestyle, becoming more community-oriented, or pushing our limits in hobbies and careers, the company we keep plays a pivotal role.

Real-World Examples of Social Influence

  • Neighborhood Norms: Moving to an area where neighbors pride themselves on their pristine lawns might inspire you to start gardening.
  • Dietary Changes: Immersing yourself in a group class where healthy eating is popular can nudge you towards changing your eating habits.
  • Community Service through Faith: Joining a religious group that emphasizes helping others can lead you to volunteer more of your time.

Choose Your Tribe Wisely

To cultivate the habits you aspire to, immerse yourself in environments where those habits are commonplace. It’s about normalizing the behaviors you wish to adopt and letting the culture of your chosen tribe uplift you.

  • Shared Activities Enhance Motivation: Whether it’s writing, meditating, or exercising, doing these activities within a group can significantly boost your productivity and commitment. The presence of peers encourages us to push through moments of weakness.

Sustaining Change Through Community

Belonging to a group that shares your goals can deeply reinforce your new identity tied to your habits. This shared journey not only makes reaching your goals more achievable but also helps in maintaining those habits long-term by embedding them into your social identity.

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