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Our personal training is tailored to suit your goals, budget, and schedule. Whether you want only two sessions to get started or you want to work with a trainer long-term, we are here to help you. Our friendly, experienced personal trainers can help you begin reaching your goals.


If you are personal training on a regular basis, you and your trainer will discuss your goals and reassess them periodically. Sessions will consist of full body strength and conditioning workouts that will be varied to maximize results. During each workout, your trainer will ensure that you are lifting safely and using correct technique. In addition, he/she will provide cardio workouts to be done on your own and nutritional guidance. If weight loss is your goal, your trainer will monitor your progress with weigh-ins and measurements.

If you are working with a trainer for a shorter term (2-4 sessions), these sessions will be more educational. The goal for these sessions is to provide you with a safe, effective routine that can be easily followed on your own.


Trainers at CINCOfit are independent. They set their own schedules and rates; therefore, prices vary. Price will also be dependent on session length and number of sessions per week. Please contact each trainer to discuss specific pricing.


Click on the pictures below to read through the personal trainer biographies. Call or email the trainer directly for further information or to schedule an initial appointment. All personal training clients are required to have a membership. This can be done online or in the club during staffed hours.

Shayla Bee

As a mom of two young kids, I understand the challenges of making time for ourselves.

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Hey there, I’m Shay, your personal trainer at CINCOfit! My journey in health and fitness began early as a collegiate volleyball player, and it’s been a passion of mine ever since. As a mom of two young kids, I understand the challenges of making time for ourselves, let alone finding time to exercise.

My goal is to share my expertise and enthusiasm with the community and help others achieve their fitness goals. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting, I’ll tailor my coaching to your unique needs and aspirations. I believe in creating a supportive and welcoming environment where everyone feels encouraged.

Join me at CINCOfit, and together, let’s embark on a journey to embrace a healthier and more active life! I can’t wait to be part of your fitness transformation.

To get in touch, use this contact form or send me an email.

Isabelle Remboldt

Committed to making fitness attainable and sustainable, one personalized workout at a time.

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🌟 Hi, I’m Isabelle Remboldt! 🌟

🍀 My Journey: At 22, my life has been a story of transformation and triumph. A few years ago, I found myself weighed down, both physically and emotionally. I took a leap of faith, stepping into a gym, a world foreign and intimidating. It was a battleground, but each drop of sweat, each moment of struggle, carved my path to a healthier me. I have walked the arduous paths of weight loss and muscle gain, and now, I stand here, ready to guide you through your journey.

💪 My Approach: Specializing in weight loss and muscle gain, I focus on creating programs that resonate with your unique body and goals. “Every body is different,” and I ensure that the plans are as unique as you are. Having navigated my journey, I bring a wealth of empathy and understanding, ensuring that each session is aligned with your comfort and readiness.

📅 Let’s Connect: I’m here for you, available in the evenings until 7/7:30 PM. For bookings, feel free to reach out via call or text.

🌐 Find Me Online:

💖 Let’s Embark on Your Journey: In your journey, you’re not alone. Together, we’ll navigate each step, fostering a space where you feel supported, valued, and motivated. Your journey is unique, and together, we’ll make it a triumphant tale of transformation and achievement.

Erik Anderson

If you’re ready to hit your fitness goals with no shortcuts and no excuses, join me at CINCOfit!

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Erik Anderson is a personal trainer with a distinct mission: to guide clients toward independence in achieving their fitness goals, safely and effectively. Erik’s philosophy emphasizes hard work and determination, values that he himself embodies and instills in those he coaches.

His expertise spans across a wide age range. This broad experience has allowed Erik to become adept at crafting individualized programs, tailored to align with each client’s unique objectives and concerns. Erik’s approach is intelligent and focused, utilizing smart training strategies that yield tangible results.

If you’re looking for a personalized fitness experience that goes beyond the ordinary, Erik Anderson is ready to take you on a journey that’s not only about reaching your goals but setting the foundation for lifelong health and well-being. Join him, and start training the smart way today.



Neylane Coelho

I love exercising and helping anyone that would like to learn the proper way to exercise and achieve their goals.

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Group Fitness Instructor
Personal Trainer
Here is a little about me. Soon after having my first child, I became an aerobics instructor after others in the industry insisted. I immediately fell in love with it! I then pursued many other fitness certifications, including my personal trainer certification. I’m a wife and a mom and nothing is more rewarding than taking care of my family. I know from experience that exercise makes me feel good and makes me a better person. That is why I enjoy helping others feel good and achieve their goals! I know that reaching fitness goals is often a hard road, but with the right direction and the desire to go on, anyone can get there. I have been blessed to be able to help others in a field that I very passionate about! I have taught a variety of group fitness classes that range from kettlebell techniques to elderly group fitness classes. Being a personal trainer is also very rewarding –I was able to help a client that couldn’t exercise and now can run, an elderly person that couldn’t get up from a chair without help and now can, a cancer survivor that couldn’t exercise after all the treatment and now is at the gym at least 3 times a week, and the list can go on and on. I’m here to help you! Give me a call to get started!
• Group Fitness Instructor
• Personal Trainer
• Kettlebell
• Fitness program for an overweight client
• Silver Sneaker
• National Water Fitness Instructor

Travis Thompson

Founded Training for Results, LLC , 2012

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Personal Trainer

Training For Results is a fitness family that works with you to help you reach your fitness goals. Programs are designed and proven to give desired results!!

NASM Certified Personal Trainer 2008-Present
Personal Trainer at Bally’s, 2004-2012
Founded Training for Results, LLC, 2012
Sam Houston State University Graduate in Kinesiology, 2002


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CINCOfit is currently accepting highly motivated, professional, and experienced trainers.

For more information about becoming a personal trainer at CINCOfit, please contact Joshua.

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