Hello, CINCOfit crew! Joshua May here, ready to dive into another transformative lesson from Atomic Habits. Today, we’re focusing on a crucial aspect of habit formation: creating rewards that make your habits truly satisfying. This isn’t just about making things fun; it’s about signaling to your brain that your efforts are worth it, completing the habit loop with a sense of achievement.

The Science of Satisfying Rewards

Achieving long-term habit formation hinges on immediate gratification. It’s the enjoyable outcomes that tell our brain, “Hey, this is worth doing again!” This principle is what closes the feedback loop, teaching us which behaviors are worth repeating.

From Piano Stairs to Nodding Classrooms

Consider the musical stairs in Stockholm, turning a mundane activity into an interactive joy. This immediate feedback made choosing the stairs over the escalator a no-brainer for many commuters. Similarly, a college professor found himself gesturing more enthusiastically than ever before, thanks to the positive reinforcement from his students’ nods and smiles. These examples highlight how immediate rewards can make us eager to repeat an action.

Implementing Effective Rewards

How can we apply this to our daily habits? It’s about ending each habit on a high note:

  • Visualize Your Rewards: Pair a challenging run with the reward of watching your favorite TV show, or follow up a deep cleaning session with a relaxing bubble bath.
  • External Reinforcers That Match Your Identity: Choose rewards that reinforce the identity you’re striving to build. For instance, if your goal is financial freedom, consider rewarding savings milestones with a leisurely walk, symbolizing control over your time.

Strategies for Reward Selection

  • Align Rewards with Desired Identities: Ensure your rewards don’t conflict with the identity you aim to build. A massage after a week of exercise supports a health-focused identity more effectively than indulging in sweets.
  • The Transition from External to Internal Rewards: Over time, the intrinsic benefits of your habits, like feeling energized or reducing stress, will become reward enough, diminishing the need for external incentives.

Ready to create rewarding habits that last?

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