Environment Design for Effortless Habit Formation

Greetings, CINCOfit family! Joshua May here, continuing our insightful journey through James Clear’s Atomic Habits. This week, we’re venturing into the realm of environment design—a powerful strategy that simplifies habit adherence by tweaking our surroundings.


Making Your Habits Unavoidable

After identifying our desired identities and establishing two-minute habits, it’s crucial to ensure these habits seamlessly integrate into our daily lives. The key? Making habit cues as visible and as accessible as possible.

  • Visibility Is Key: Our actions are often guided by what’s immediately in front of us. If you want to eat more fruits and veggies, keep them front and center in your fridge. If yoga is your goal, leave your mat out where you can see it. The environment around us significantly influences our behavior, often more than we realize.

My Personal Revelation

For many of us, the challenge isn’t just deciding to exercise; it’s making it as frictionless as possible to start. My own breakthrough came when I applied environment design towards my fitness routine. Initially, morning workouts felt daunting, more so because of the prep work involved than the exercise itself. The turning point? I began laying out my workout clothes the night before. This simple act of placing my sneakers, shorts, and shirt right beside my bed meant that as soon as I woke up, my first decision of the day guided me towards a healthier lifestyle. No more rummaging through drawers or second-guessing if it was too cold for a run. With my gear in plain sight, the decision was already made. This small tweak to my environment seamlessly bridged my intention to exercise with the act of doing it, making my morning workout routine a staple of my day for years to come.

Strategies for Environment Design

Here are practical ways you can design your environment to make good habits stick:

  • Place a Post-It note on your shower door to remind you to do burpees before your morning shower.
  • Draw a line on your water bottle to signal when it’s time for a refill.
  • Keep your journal on the kitchen table to encourage morning entries.
  • Change your phone’s lock screen to the cover of the book you’re reading to choose reading over scrolling.
  • Lay out your workout gear the night before to eliminate morning excuses.
  • Display your Spanish flashcards on the kitchen table for a quick review over breakfast.

The Principle of Visibility

The essence of environment design is simple: Make the cues for your desired habits impossible to miss. Our environments wield incredible power over our behavior; by tailoring these spaces to our advantage, we align our daily actions with our goals more naturally and effectively.

 Ready to reshape your environment and habits?

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