When embarking on a fitness or nutrition journey, the sequence in which you tackle your challenges can significantly affect your perception and enjoyment of the process. At CINCOfit, we believe in not just achieving fitness goals but making the journey enjoyable and fulfilling.

Why Timing Matters in Fitness

The concept of behavioral psychology suggests that experiences improving over time are more enjoyable. This idea can transform how you approach both fitness and nutrition, turning daunting tasks into rewarding milestones.

Here’s how you can apply this strategy:

  • Front-load the challenges: Tackle the most strenuous exercises at the beginning of your workout or start your diet with the strictest rules. This approach not only gets tough tasks out of the way but ensures the rest of your session or diet feels progressively easier and more enjoyable.

  • Combine pain points: If you dislike cardio, consider doing that at the beginning of your workout. By getting that done first, you free up the rest of your workout for more enjoyable activities, improving your overall session experience.

  • Shorten painful experiences: Condense the less enjoyable aspects of your routine into short, intense bursts. This prevents the dread of drawn-out sessions and makes your workout seem quicker and more efficient.

Practical Applications in Your Fitness Routine

Here’s how you can integrate these insights into your fitness regime:

  • Morning Challenges: If you’re not a morning person, try scheduling your toughest workouts in the morning. This not only boosts your metabolism early but also leaves you feeling energized and accomplished for the rest of the day.

  • Diet Overhaul: Begin your diet with the most restrictive phase. Gradually introduce more variety and flexibility as you progress, making the diet more sustainable and less daunting over time.

  • End on a High Note: Finish your workouts with activities you enjoy, such as yoga or a leisurely walk. This helps you associate fitness with pleasure, increasing your likelihood of consistent participation.


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