Have you ever walked by something a hundred times without truly noticing it? It’s surprising how easy it is to overlook the familiar until we take a moment to truly see it. Just like Dean Hovey, who couldn’t recall the roof of Hoover Tower despite passing it daily, many of us glide through our routines without truly being aware of the habits that shape our lives.

Awareness: The Foundation of Transformation

At CINCOfit, we believe that the first step toward any transformation is awareness. Whether it’s the state-of-the-art InBody scan that revealed my body fat percentage was at 25%, sparking my journey of shedding 18 pounds of fat and gaining 7 pounds of muscle, or the realization of my erratic writing schedule that led to a disciplined routine, awareness has been the cornerstone of my success.

The Power of Measuring and Tracking

We all have patterns we fall into, both good and bad, and becoming aware of these patterns is the key to unlocking positive change. It’s not about making sweeping changes overnight but about measuring and tracking small aspects of our lives to build a clearer picture and lay the groundwork for improvement.

  • Exercise: Tracking workouts can turn inconsistency into a solid routine. Imagine doubling your pushups or sticking to a workout schedule despite a busy life.
  • Writing: Measuring writing output revealed my erratic schedule and led to a disciplined routine of publishing every Monday and Thursday.
  • Finances: Tracking every penny, inspired by John Rockefeller, revealed ways to cut costs and increase earnings.

Programs at CINCOfit to Raise Awareness

Here at CINCOfit, we offer various programs designed to help you become more aware of your habits and take actionable steps toward your fitness goals.

  • No Sweat Intro: A personalized consultation to understand your fitness levels, set realistic goals, and devise a plan tailored just for you. Learn more about the No Sweat Intro.
  • 90-Day Goal Review: A comprehensive fitness evaluation and planning session to set and achieve personal fitness goals. Discover the 90-Day Goal Review.
  • On Ramp: A program that provides a solid foundation in fitness, emphasizing education and personalized attention. Explore the On Ramp program.

Taking the First Step

Just imagine how a simple InBody scan can open your eyes to your body’s composition, much like it did for me. Or how tracking your workouts can suddenly turn inconsistency into a solid routine, helping you double your pushups or stick to a workout schedule even when life gets hectic.

If you’re ready to take that first step towards a more aware and healthier you, I invite you to schedule your No Sweat Intro today. Let’s discover together how we can help you become more aware of your habits and transform them for the better.

Click here to book your No Sweat Intro and begin your journey to a fitter, happier you.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take that step with us at CINCOfit, and let’s see what amazing changes we can achieve together.

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