At CINCOfit, where we believe in transforming lives through fitness. If you’re tired of temporary fixes and want a sustainable approach to weight loss, our 8-week program, The F.A.T. Method, led by Joshua May, owner of CINCOfit, is here to revolutionize your health journey.

The F.A.T. Method stands for Fasting, Accountability, and Training. It’s not just a short-term weight loss program; it’s a long-term solution designed to help you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Benefits of Fasting with Joshua May as Your Virtual Coach

With more than 1,000 participants successfully completing the F.A.T. Method, we can say that fasting is the cornerstone of sustainable weight loss. Here’s what it can do:

  • Promote Weight Loss: Fasting helps the body burn fat for energy, leading to weight loss.
  • Improve Metabolism: It can enhance hormone function to facilitate weight loss.
  • Increase Mental Clarity: Fasting may also increase mental focus and clarity.
  • Enhance Longevity: Experts like Dr. Jason Fung and Valter Longo believe fasting may increase life expectancy.

Joshua May will be your virtual coach, guiding you through weekly recorded modules, weekly live zoom meetings, and regular accountability checks. The next start date is August 20, and the program cost is just $299.

Ready to embark on a sustainable life-changing journey? Join us now and be part of the success!

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The official start date is Sunday August 20, but you’ll receive an email before then welcoming you to program once you officially sign up.