.Can You Do Bodyweight Exercises Everyday?

Did you know that bodyweight training was named the number eight fitness trend of 2022 by the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal? 

It’s true! Contrary to popular gym myth, bodyweight workouts are a great way to build muscle mass and increase endurance! While a weight training routine is necessary to see big results, using your bodyweight remains a great supplement to high-volume strength training. 

“The best tool you have is your own body,” says trainer Kira Stokes, creator of The Stoked Method. Stokes is a huge advocate of bodyweight exercises, with hundreds of unique moves in her arsenal (like these 31 plank moves!). But she believes only focusing on bodyweight workouts has its downfalls. “You become limited in what you can offer your body,” she says.

Doing crunches and push-ups takes proper form and strength, and they’re not so easy for us average gym-goers. It’s important to work all planes of movement in your body, and that can be difficult if you’re not super strong in specific, target areas. That’s where bodyweight exercise comes in.

Fitness as a whole has moved away from that, emphasizing the popular phrase “train movement over muscle,” Stokes says. “But I believe you’ve got to train muscle in order to train movement.”

 Weight work, she emphasizes, is the training necessary to control, lift, and lower your own body weight. To really challenge your body, know how to incorporate both weights and movement into your routine.

However, there’s always a risk of losing strength if you focus solely on bodyweight movements, depending on your individual fitness level. While many of us might improve and gain strength from some beginner exercises, those who are already confident in their form and technique might actually decrease in strength if they completely ignore weight training. 

When considering an effective fitness routine, understanding the balance between bodyweight exercises and traditional weight training is crucial. While bodyweight movements are excellent for building strength and control, incorporating weights can further challenge and stimulate muscle growth. However, it’s essential to tailor your approach based on your individual fitness level and goals. For those seeking to optimize their workouts, knowing what to eat before a workout can significantly impact performance and results.

Choosing the right pre-workout fuel is key to maximizing energy levels and enhancing exercise performance. Incorporating a balanced combination of carbohydrates and protein can provide the necessary nutrients to fuel your workout and support muscle recovery. Foods like bananas, Greek yogurt, or whole grain toast with peanut butter can offer a mix of fast-acting carbs and protein to sustain energy levels throughout your training session. By prioritizing proper nutrition alongside a well-rounded exercise regimen, individuals can optimize their strength gains and overall fitness journey.

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